about artist co-op 7

Artist Co-op 7 is a group of approximately fifty artists who support the artistic and spiritual growth of each member. The founding members and teachers were students of the late Dr. Alexander Vilumsons, an inspiring and innovative educator and accomplished artist who taught at UC Santa Cruz, UCLA and Everywoman’s Village in Van Nuys, California. Dr. Vilumsons’ artistic principles and process of self-discovery became the basis of the Co-op’s philosophy.

Our objective is to continually strive to create and maintain an environment in which each individual can experience and develop their unique creativity through classroom study programs, workshops and demonstrations, retreats and field trips, and varied exhibition opportunities arranged by the Co-op. We do not seek a unity of expression but rather a diversity of creative ideas, distinguished by the integration of color and form, with both power and sensitivity in a variety of media and subjects.

membership information

To participate in the Artist Co-op 7 membership process, it is necessary for students in the Co-op’s classes, who have developed an understanding of the right-brain approach to artistic self expression, to demonstrate perseverance, learning and growth as an artist. Candidates for membership are then invited to submit their work done with the group to the Co-op Art Panel for review and acceptance into the organization. Participation in an Artist Co-op 7 group exhibition is required to fulfill the membership process.