artist co-op7 classes

Since 1995, Artist Co-op 7 classes have offered a stimulating environment for students to exchange ideas, knowledge and energies through self-exploration and creative expression. Students of all levels will be encouraged to tap their inner resources to achieve personal fulfillment and expand exhibition opportunities.

NEW Location! Starting January 2017, AC7 Classes will be held at:

San Fernando Valley Arts and Cultural Center
18312 Oxnard Street, Tarzana, CA 91356. Tel: 818.697-5525

painting & drawing

This ongoing workshop offers a flow/grow/glow experience for all levels, from beginning to advanced students who appreciate the right-brain approach to artistic expression. Personal exploration and discovery are encouraged to unlock your unconscious creative energies.

The course begins with contour drawing and evolves to the elements of painting composition – line, shape, color, value, movement and texture. You will receive individual guidance, work at your own pace and arrive at your own style. Students may paint in either oil or acrylics.

watercolor painting

Explore the versatility of watercolor with a sense of play and experimentation. Learn techniques that encourage a natural extension of individual sensitivity. Topics include introduction to watercolor, recognition and execution of good design and composition, right-brain techniques, and reinforcement of creative imagination.

painting & mixed media

Paint for exploration! This comprehensive course is an exploration in pigment and mixed media in a continuous workshop environment where students of all levels will try it, do it, and explore it! The course opens you to a world of creativity where anything is possible. The course examines creative approaches and basic fundamentals for students who appreciate the right-brain approach to art.

right brain figure drawing: fearless creating

Explore innovative concepts of expression using multimedia: charcoal, pastel, ink and collage. Students with any level of experience. Explore innovative life drawing concepts of expression...

  • Receive perceptual training
  • Release your creativity
  • Study masters and graphic theory
  • Benefit from discussion and critique
  • Work from live models


Classes are appropriate to all levels of experience, age and background. We all learn from each other and profit from the diversity of energies, abilities and resources within the group dynamic. Our program participants continue to benefit from the years of interaction within this dynamic group. Through the courses we offer, interested participants can become acquainted with our philosophy and objectives. If their work shows an understanding of principles and artistic growth, new artists may be invited to become members of Artist Co-op 7.


For further information, email Jeanne Hahn, Artist Co-op 7 Art Panel Coordinator, or call her at (818) 885-8306.